Amazing Discovery Today!

We had an intense thunder storm roll through this morning about a half-hour into the school day.  My second graders freaked out!!  Getting their attention back on Response to Literature was futile.

So, we stopped to talk about what was happening outside.  While the kids were talking in small groups about what they already knew about thunder and lightning, I quickly pulled up YouTube and searched for a kid-friendly video.  YouTube is a font of wonderful information if you can get through all the junk.  This morning, I found a 10 carat diamond!

I found an amazing video on thunder and lightning for kids, but more importantly I found an entire channel devoted to high-quality kid-friendly science videos on a plethora of topics!  The channel is called SciShowKids, and it is my newest favorite teaching tool.

The channel has over one hundred videos with titles like:
Meat-Eating Plants
All About Volcanos
How to Build a Sheet Fort
What are Boogers?
How to Feel Your Heart Beat
Why do Mosquito Bites Itch?
How do We Taste our Food?
Why do we Burp?
Sink or Float?
to name just a few!
Each video has an energetic narrator accompanied by a robotic mouse and explains each science concept in easy-to understand, kid-friendly language.  

My only wish is that they would speak a bit more slowly for my second language learners.  Other than that, these videos are awesome and well-worth checking out!!

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