Nuts About Numbers!

My kids have been struggling with place value this year, so I have set up a daily activity to help them practice.  Here is what it looks like:

Each day, I change the number at the top (I keep extra numbers in that manila envelope to the left) and my kids get repeated practice in this vital concept.  I have a 20 minute block of time right before lunch, so I let my kids pair up and work on this for ten minutes, and then we spend ten minutes talking about the answers.

It was easy to set up.  I learned how to print on sentence strips here, and it took me all of about ten minutes to print these out!  Then, I used a Cricut (our awesome PTA gave one to the faculty last Christmas) to cut out the numbers.  Finally, I created a record sheet for students to fill out as they work. You can get it here.


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