Lawn Twister

We had our annual field day today!  I wanted to do something different this year, and I found this idea for lawn twister on Pinterest.  It looked like fun, so I tried it out.  I used a paper plate to trace a circle in the top of a box, and cut it out with a steak knife (I know, not fancy, but I didn't have a box cutter handy!).  I bought four cans of spray paint (the site called for yard paint, but I couldn't find any) in red, blue, yellow, and green.  Be careful with the green because you want to make sure that it contrasts slightly with the grass.

Using the box as a guide, I sprayed the circles fairly close together.  I work with smaller children and wanted to make it challenging, but not impossible.  Make sure you spray the day before you want to use it so it has time to dry and you avoid the dew on the grass.  It actually rained for two days after I painted, and it still turned out fine.

I started by calling out directions, but soon discovered that I had a whole line of kids that wanted to call.  We had fun and got some exercise at the same time!  And the circles lasted through almost 100 kids.  The next day, the custodian cut the grass, and all was good.


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