Cute Student Valentines

I look forward to making Valentines for my students each year.  Beginning in December, I start searching for ideas.  I'm looking for something cute, but simple too.  Since I have to make Valentines for over 50 kids, they can't be too labor intensive or expensive to make.  This is what I decided on this year:

I found it here, and it inspired me to create my own using Powerpoint.  I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was (there was a template on the website, but I needed it in Spanish, as well as English).  I made it so that there were four on one 8 1/2" - 11"  piece of cardstock.  I printed on my color printer, trimmed the white edges off, and cut them horizontally/vertically right down the middle - voila!

To finish them, I added a strip of hot glue - or I should say 'low-temp glue.'  Don't use "hot" glue or it will melt the Smartie wrapper.

Then stick on a pack of Smarties for your smarties!  

You can find my template here, minus my name, of course!  Since I teach a Spanish dual immersion class, the template has two pages: one Spanish, one English.

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