Class Dance Party!

I have always given my kids brain breaks throughout the day, but this year I have tried something different.  My kids begged my to play a YouTube dance song one day, and it has changed our whole brain break routine.  We now have Dance Parties! instead of brain breaks.  The kids love it, and they only take 3-4 minutes.  When I first looked at them, I thought my students were crazy, but now I get it.  They are fun!

There are videos on YouTube that are basically video game rips.  They show players dancing to songs via their video games.  My students love to follow along and imitate the dance moves.  They are up and engaged, getting the wiggles out, and getting a quick break to recharge their batteries.
Here are a few of their favorites (click on the picture to go to the video):
Gummy Bear

Calling All the Monsters



What does the Fox Say?

Who doesn't love YMCA?

These are just a sampling of what is out there.  On YouTube, search for "kids dance party" or "just dance videos" and you will find hundreds.  Just make sure to watch it before you show it!!  The best part is that each video averages 3-4 minutes.  They make a great, quick break.  And I will often use them as bribes - for example, "If we can get through the next five minutes without anyone interrupting, we can have a quick dance party!"  Have fun!

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