Printing on Post-It Notes

I have been frantically working on my classroom, and I decided that I am going to let my students choose their own desks this year.  I used to assign them seats, but since I do this randomly, having no knowledge of who should go where, I figured why not.  In my district, we have back-to-school night on the evening before school starts.  This will be a great activity for them to do when they come in to meet me that night.

First, I wrote their names out on Post-Its, but I didn't like how it looked and I remembered that I had seen a blogpost somewhere (don't remember where!) about printing on Post-Its.  I googled it and found this:

Click here to find it.  This file contains multiple templates to allow you to print on several different sizes of Post-It notes.  And the best part . . . it's free!!!  It turns out that this is really easy to do.  I started with the 3"-3" template since these are the Post-Its that I had on hand.  First, print off the template:

Then place the Post-Its in the boxes.  I found it easiest to line up the bottom of the note and then smooth upwards to stick them down.  It should look like this:

Put this in the printer.  Open the template that you printed off on your desktop.  The boxes that you see are text boxes, and can be edited.  Type what you want in the box - you can play with the fonts and sizes, but don't change the size of the text box.  When each one looks like you want it to, right click on the text box and choose format.  In the format menu, choose line color and select no color.  If you don't do this, the boxes will be printed on your Post-Its (learned this one the hard way!).  Just make sure that when you close the file you DON"T save the changes, or rename them if you want to save them.  This is what came out of the printer:

Pull them off, and put them where you want them!

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