Measurement and Lady Liberty

Wow!  The days are flying by, only four left to go!!  We had a ton of fun today recreating the Statue of Liberty's foot (and I always forget to take pictures while we're working - urg!).  We used our recently acquired measurement skills, along with some interesting things we have been learning about Lady Liberty and created a visual for everyone in our school to see.  I got this idea from the America Math and Literacy pack that I bought from Deanna Jump on TpT.  It makes for an amazing visual:
It runs almost the entire length of the hallway.
And the class next door to us did her hand-equally impressive!
I also learned a cool trick.  The hallways of our school are made up of the ugly cinder-blocks you see in the pictures, and we have always struggled with being able to display things in the hallways because nothing sticks to the bricks.  Someone told me to try hot glue, and it worked!!  Now, I just have to see if it comes off . . .

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