We have been working on rocks this week so I thought I would share one of my favorite TpT products; it is called All About Rocks and it was created by the Teacher Wife.  It is a fun, student-friendly way to teach children about igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.  She has included a student rock notebook with multiple pages for students to fill out on each type of rock.  There are rock characters and rock charts, and a letter to send home to parents.  It makes it easy for me to teach and fun for the students to learn.

And, as my own contribution, I begin the unit with a rock Prezi that I created.

   You can find it here.  If you never used a Prezi before, I encourage you to try it (  A Prezi is kind of like a PowerPoint but much more engaging.  You can make pictures zoom in and out and swirl around.  They are as fun to make as they are to watch.  It is free for teachers, and the kids love them!


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