Writing Goals Chart

I found an interesting chart over at Chart Chums: Creative Classroom Charts (click to see it) that I thought would be perfect for my class.  We have been hitting writing really hard this year.  Last year, we started using Thinking Maps in my school, and this year we have incorporated the writing component of Thinking Maps.  So, the second grade team has been working on getting kids to use the included rubric to guide their writing.  I used Chart Chums chart as a beginning and then modified it to fit the rubric that we use.  It came out super cute, and now the kids can focus their writing on one particular skill at a time without getting overwhelmed.  They put a tongue depressor with their name into the pocket that is labeled with the goal they are working on.  When they meet the goal and can do it consistently, they move on to another goal.  
Here's how it came out:


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