Oreo Moon Phases

My students have been learning about how the moon changes over time.  As a culminating activity we made a moon phase "chart" using a paper plate and Oreo cookies.  The kids had a blast, and I think they came out great.  They drew the Earth in the center of the plate, and the sun off to one side.  I made them stickers for each phase that they placed on the plate in the correct position.  Then, they used a Popsicle stick to shape the frosting into the correct phase shape.  Next time, I will buy the knock-off Oreo's, though (they are a lot cheaper!!).



  1. I'm coming off a major chocolate binge and this activity is giving me temptation and reason to indulge once more. :-) Yummy! Great blog. You have a new follower.

  2. I was so good yesterday while we doing the activity, and I didn't eat any. But this morning when I came to work and saw the leftover pack of Oreos sitting on my desk, I couldn't resist any longer.