Math Stations

As you know from previous posts, I have been revamping how I teach math this year.  One of my goals has always been to have math stations, and then teach math like I teach guided reading.  I have made a discovery on TeacherspayTeachers that has put me one step closer to that goal: Lory Evans' Common Core Math Stations.
 They contain everything you need for twelve math stations that are centered on the 12 Common Core standards for second grade (she also has a first grade set).  Each station contains an activity, a math book to be completed by the students, and a game to practice math facts (a different one in each station).  They are held accountable by having a paper to do at each station, and with a punch card that I punch when they have showed me their work.

Students working on a fraction activity (and I haven't taught fractions, yet!)

Students working on balancing math equations using pictures.

Writing in the math book.

Playing a math fact game.

  After a brief explanation, my students quickly picked up on what they were supposed to do.  What has amazed me most is that the stations include concepts that I have not taught yet, and my students are still able to do them with the supports that are provided in the station; I love how it exposes them to concepts before I actually teach them!  The greatest part is that it has given me extra time to work with those students that need more of my help; I teach the math lesson, those that understand it move on to their independent work, and then the math stations, and I continue to work with those that need more support.

It takes me about two hours to print, laminate, and cut, but it has been worth it in the time it gives me to work with my struggling students and still be confident that the other students are engaged in learning.



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