Summarizing Poster Freebie

I originally saw this awesome poster on Pinterest, and followed the link to the blog I Teach. What's Your Super Power? (click on the picture it to get it)

Very excited to see something so great for free, I immediately downloaded it and ran out to get it made into a poster at my local print shop.  "You want how much to print it?!!!!!"  Waaaaay too much!  So, I headed over to school to print it off on the poster printer.  Hmmm . . . it didn't come out well.  Back to the drawing board again; I ended up making my own version in black and white which I will print on the poster printer and color in myself.  It's not as fancy, but for those of you out there that run into the same problem as I did, here it is:

Click here to get it!  I put this up on the cupboard behind my guided reading table.  I put a small stack of post-its in each box, and once we are done reading we will be able to work together to quickly summarize the story.

**UPDATE: Vistaprint will print it in 18"-24" full-color format for $16.90 plus shipping and taxes (it came out to $23 and change for me).  That's still on the pricey side in my opinion, but it's about half of what my local printer wanted.  Then upon checkout, they offered me another poster for half price, so I ended up paying about $32 for two posters.



  1. I'm a new follower!! Thanks for the freebie!

    The Busy Busy Hive

  2. LOVE IT! Thank you for making it and sharing.

  3. Stick it on a flash drive and take it to Office Max/Depot/Staples. They'll print it on 11x17 color card stock for only $1.50! Glad you liked the poster.


  4. Yeah, I tried that. I went to my local Staples, and they quoted me a price of $40!!