The Night Sky

We have been having a wonderful time learning about objects in the night sky.  My students have always enjoyed this unit, but this year has been especially fun thanks to the Lesson-Plan-SOS-Teachers.  I recently bought and downloaded their Solar System Spectacular unit, and it was well worth the money!

The first couple of days, we learned about the phases of the moon.  I created a Prezi (click here to see it - Prezi accounts are free for teachers) to supplement the materials in the unit, and then we made the charts from the unit portraying the phases of the moon.  Another great add-on, if you have a subscription to Reading A-To-Z, is their level J book called "The Disappearing Moon."  It is about a frantic little squirrel that thinks the moon is disappearing because he sees less and less of it each night.  Luckily in the end, owl sets him straight about what is really happening.

Next, we began learning about the planets.  Again, I supplemented with a Prezi (click here), and I probably went into way more detail than they needed, but we were having so much fun, it was worth it!  They really liked making the expandable books from the Solar System Spectacular unit.

After Spring Break (yeah!!) we will be moving on to the constellations.  I'll let you know how it goes . . .

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